RC40 Iridescence

RC40 Iridescence

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Previously called the "Riva" at Tutu... Now known as "Iridescence"

RC 47 and RC 40 are the same shoe except RC47 has a suede tip.  Tutu will be stocking more of the RC 40's because of availability.  
Microfiber Platform model of RC4 design

– wide platform
– medium crown
– medium arch
– wide heel
– large box
– U-cut, drawstring

– Elegant pleatless pointe shoes
– Unique ultra-sleek design
– Innovative durable sole construction
– Inner and outer soles machine stitched together to improve strength
– Embegged sole stitching to increase longevity
– Natural materials
– Fine duplicated satin
– Super light weight
– New color
– Durable pointe shoes
– Microfiber tip for longer lasting platform

Available for special order (marked with a sticker):
– Lower vamp V1
– Higher vamp V3
– V-Cut (no drawstring)

**ribbons and elastics sold separately