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-Long hair must be pulled up and secured in a bun.
-A headband is sufficient for shorter hair that cannot be pulled into a hair elastic to create a ponytail/bun.
-Only the shortest of hairstyles are permitted to be worn without something to secure hair off of the face.


-Ballet skirts are permitted to be worn for class, but the teacher may occasionally request "no skirts", so that she can help students correct body alignment.
-Jazz pants and dance shorts are also permitted for the warm-up portion of other classes. Jazz pant hems must NOT reach the floor to prevent tripping.
-Dancers are not permitted to wear "cheer shorts" for class.

Monthly Attire Reward:

-As a reward for working hard, ALL DANCERS may wear any color of tights/leotards for class during the last week of the month!

36 products

36 products