Book a Pointe Shoe Fitting Online: How To Guide!

Need a pointe shoe fitting?

You can now Book Online! Book online by visiting our Instagram and Facebook or by visiting us here at our website!

Is it your First Time ever being on pointe? Please choose our 1st Pair of Pointe Shoes fitting option. This gives us enough time to go through the ins and outs of what to expect while wearing your first pair and also what to expect in the years to come whilst wearing pointe shoes in general!
Dancers who have been fitted at Tutu before and are happy with their current pointe shoes should choose our 30 Minute Pointe Refit fitting option. This gives us time to change size if we need to adjust width or length.
Dancers who want to explore other options should choose our 50 Minute Pointe Refit fitting option. Dancers who have also never been fitted here at Tutu should also choose this option. If you are experiencing issues with your current pair of shoes and want to change it up- choose this appointment! This gives us enough time to take a deep dive into the dancer's pointe shoe history and as Damon likes to say, "Take a tour around the world" trying on multiple different options.

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