Our Story

We are committed to helping our customers find the best products for dance in a fun, inviting, educational atmosphere. We believe that we are the best kind of dance partner - one who supports and helps you in every phase of your dance journey.

Dance apparel is both form AND function. What we wear while we dance must make us confident, comfortable, and also represent our own personal style. Some things look great on a hanger but feel awkward to move in. Others feel great but...yawn. When you find that perfect leotard or dance shoe, it is with you every week while you sweat it out in the studio; it’s your training partner. Our mission is deeply rooted in our focus on pointe shoes and pointe fittings. A dancer who is not fit properly either cannot perform his or her technique in class,or, worse yet, may be hurt. We are confident we provide one of the best experiences in the country for pointe fittings.

We are lifelong students in the dance and performance world, and we strive to take every opportunity to learn new things and to share that knowledge with all of you.

Our Team

Damon Spencer

Owner, Head of Pointe Shoe Education

Laura Hardwick

Store Manager, Head Buyer, Merchandising and Display Manager, Pointe Fitter

Kari Bair

Key Holder, Project Manager, Spreadsheet Whisperer, Pointe Fitter

Robin Ghise

Key Holder, Organizational Guru

Emily Jaikaran

Dance Ambassador from Shana Simmons Dance, "Soloist" Level Pointe Fitter

Jill Rosser

Key Holder, "Soloist" Level Pointe Fitter and Pointe Educator 

our showroom

We have hand picked a showroom full of unique and quality dance apparel - your very own dance apparel concierge. Our store also provides the knowledge and tools to help dancers improve balance, flexibility and strength. All of these products are combined with our experienced service under one roof. Tutu’s Dancer Loyalty Program offers a significant value compared to online discounter warehouse full of stuff that you may or may not like and may or may not fit you.